Monday, January 30, 2012

Shimelle's Starting Point Challenge

I should probably upload my Starting Point Challenge for Shimelle before I forget and she posts a new one...

The light wasn't great, I forgot again to take my pictures in the morning, so you'll just have to imagine this layout as bright and fresh as it is :)

Here's a link to Shimelle's post

And here is my effort -

This layout has the longest title yet for a page of mine. It is titled - "(If you're not on the list, you're not) Getting In!". This old photo of the boys always makes me think they look like a pair of bouncers :) I had more fun with my craft robo cutting out the clipboard and rope barrier. And the paper I used (no idea of the name) is some of the last that hubby brought back from the US for me a couple of years ago. If I finish it all, maybe I'll be allowed buy more! Hurray!


  1. They hardly look like they'd take you around the corner and beat you up for acting up in the queue though! Nice bouncers.

  2. Great idea for a starting point - so original! Love the rope barrier!

  3. Well done. That's a brilliant idea, wish I'd thought of it!


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