Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Current layout - unfinished!

I was probably getting a little sick of Christmas related crafting when I started this layout as it is a tad unseasonal... the pictures were taken last 'summer'. The temperature was probably about the same though... Anyway, it isn't finished as the hecticness of this time of year overtook me. I fear though that if I don't get some help, it might remain unfinished. Y'see, I loved the pictures when I took them (well, I still do love them) but I printed out way too many of them. So, I have already scrapped at least two layouts from the series, and there wasn't really all that much going on as it was - baba was just looking super cute :) I've used up all my inspiration when it comes to titles, but I just hate to leave a page nameless... don't get me started on what I might journal about...

Here is a finished one of herself. Though it took somewhat less time to get there! The layout was, yet again, one from a TheScrapbookStore workshop, but it had remained pictureless until recently. When I saw this pic of the little missus, I knew it was perfect :)


  1. Nice to see you back! I love the top layout even though it's not finished as the colours are so gorgeous. I loved the lanterns too - you were right to be pleased :)

  2. Hi Triona

    Hope you had a nice Christmas and I am wishing you very Happy Scrapy(filled with lots of scarpbooking time) New Year.

    Love your top Lo, the colours are just perfect and the photos are very cute, just add some chunky title and few flowers and flourish under the photos, maybe butterfly or something, date and place if you have no story. Funilly I was scraping summer photos myself these days, must be this grey weather that makes me summer nostalgic.

    Svjetlana xxx

  3. Helen - it's great to be back :)Thanks for coming to have a look! I had forgotten, but the layout had been inspried by Scrap365's challenge, and I think you gave it a go on your blog too - though unlike me, I'm sure you finished it and uploaded it :)

  4. Thanks Svjetlana :) I reckon I'm going to do exactly as you suggest! And yeah, sometimes just place and date will have to do. Not every pic has a big story.

    I don't know if you're interested, but there is a crop being organised by a lot of the regulars from the ScrapbookStore workshops... A crop had been running for a while, but are looking for new members. It's held on the second Saturday of the month. Just thought I'd let you know!

  5. A little but of summer on cold winter nights is always good. Looks to me like you've been very busy alright. Great layouts. Don't forget to keep uploading them!

  6. Thanks for dropping by Orlaith ;) Plan to try and update more regularly in future!

  7. Hi Triona, I'd love to know more details about that crop. Could you please send me link or some contact info for it? Is your name on the http://www.scrapbooking.ie Triona? I'd PM you my contact details there so that we can communicate directly.


  8. Yep, I'm Triona on the forum, send me a pm.


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