Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The New Storage Has Arrived

Hurrah, the new storage has arrived.

A few brilliant Cropper Hopper paper holders, and 12x12 stackable trays. I've been busy organising my paper to go into the cropper hoppers - it's a lot of work, but I'm enjoying it. Sad, I know!

It's wrong to get this excited about moulded plastic! But I am hopeful that all this storage, which is specifically meant for scrapbooking supplies, will help me keep organised.

It cost a good bit to have them shipped over from the UK, but search as I might i just couldn't find anyone here doing them.

It does drive me a little mad that we Irish scrappers have to buy stuff from the US and UK... if only scrapbooking was popular here :(

All that said, I did still do it again today - ordered more from the UK! I couldn't help myself. Papermaze.co.uk are having a 65% sale. They had a fire so they need to get rid of the fire damaged stuff. So I ordered one of every Thicker that they have. And if they smell a little smokey, it'll just add an extra sensory dimension to my layouts :)

The downside though of course is the shipping. They charge tonssssssss. But, what with the sale being so good I'm still saving over 50% on the cost of buying the Thickers here. And I love Thickers. Obsessed with them!

I'm sure I'll post a pic when they arrive :)

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