Thursday, January 12, 2012

Starting and Finishing

So today's post is a story of Starting Points and finishing posts.

Having found a smidge of energy to do a bit of scrapping I decided to do Shimelle's starting point challenge. It can be found HERE. The idea is she gives you the basic starting point of a page and then you run from there, like a sketch, but with a bit more of the work done :)

Here is what I produced -

The title of the page is 'Her Lonesome Diana Pose'. Her pose reminded me of that famous picture of Princess Diana outside the Taj Mahal (here's a link to it for anyone too young to remember it!) and seeing as my picture was taken at The Giant's Causeway, another great wonder of the world, I felt it was fitting :) I'm also delighted that I did my journaling! I usually leave the journaling until I'm filing the page, by which time I don't always remember all the details. I don't know why I do this because journaling is for me one of the most important parts of scrapbooking. I just love the chronicling of my family history. The little stories, the anecdotes, all that would be forgotten if not put down on paper. Maybe I'll make 2012 the year where I make more of an effort to do the journaling at the same time.

Also, I had a whale of a time playing with a Cuttlebug last night, oh, the joy of embossing! I may have to start saving my pennies... (thanks Orlaith :)

And so to finishing...

Well, I was on a roll after finishing the starting point layout, so I reckoned it was a good idea to finish that layout of baby Lily that I put up last post.

So, here it is -

I went with a title 'You call this summer?!' what with last years summer barely deserving to be called that! And poor Lily, born to horrible snow and then not even a decent first summer. Maybe this year.

Anyway, I am off to my first crop on Saturday with the Crop Tarts in Donnycarney - great name, lol :) Feeling a little shy, but am sure it'll be lots of fun. Sure, it's a day just devoted to scrapping, how could it not be fun?

And I imagine there will be a lot of layouts to be posted here in the near future - due to a really good offer with, I was able to order 160 pictures for only 7.70euro (delivery included - in fact, 5euro of that was delivery!) Can't wait for them to arrive. But hopefully unlike last time I ordered a load of photos (a few years ago) I won't get completely sick of them by the time they are all done. Watch this space :)


  1. Glad you finished your beautiful LO - I love your titles too :)

  2. Thanks Helen :) I'm delighted to get it finshed myself :)

  3. Love how you finish your LO and love the top one too. Good that you journal on the page. Enjoy the crop tomorrow. My hubby has a birthday so I thought wouldn't be appropriate if I leave him for a crop tomorrow. I'm sure I'll come next time

  4. I love the finished layout. And I think lilly's faces are fab! Looking forward to the next 160 layouts!! Have fun.

  5. Your layouts are wonderful! Great adaptation of the layout by Shimelle.

  6. Love the expressions on your daughter's face! Fab layout!


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