Saturday, April 28, 2012

Crafty Queens Album Finished!

It's finished!

It took me a week. Three or four hours each evening. Glue, ink, gesso, stamps, flowers, photos, photoshop, charms, paper. I was a woman obsessed. But here it is, last weeks Crafty Queens Prima album, completely finished!

I decided to do a collective baby book album. So, there are pics of all four of the kids as babies.

Cutie-pies :)

 First and last pages.

 This 'Charlie' page opens up so you see the below pages...

More opening up pages.

 And, for the pockets in the openy up pages, I made four little notebooks, one for each of the kids, so that I could record the ups and downs of their arrivals in this world (and there were plenty!)

Thanks Eve for the work shop. I had never gotten around to doing a baby book for any of my little monsters and now I have this record of all of them and I am totally delight with myself :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm Back!

That was quite a break from blogging!

I know the scrappers of the world have been crying into their acid free paper stacks, wondering where on earth I'd gone!

It was just life. Getting in the way. And no crafting was happening at all :( So, I had nothing to post. I could have bored you rigid with my boring mammy problems, but that's why I have a momblog and bore other people with that. For you, it's all glitter and bling!

So, after a month of not crafting, I have had a mad week or so - three layouts nearly done from the CropTarts crop. A mini-book for my parents anniversary and a Crafty Queens album. That's a lots of double sided fun.

But I haven't quite finished the layouts.

The mini book pictures need a bit of editing.

I'm finishing the Crafty Queens book tonight.

So, basically what I'm saying is, I have a lot of work in progress and I'm not going to show any of it to you.

Well, at least not tonight. But, hopefully, from tomorrow, I'll get posting on all the project I'm working on.

Lucky you :)

In the meantime, here is a picture of all the crafting mags I have at the moment. Cause, if I can't be scrapping, I want to be reading about it :)

I get Scrapbooking Magazine and the new Scrap 365 on subscription and I'm always like a child on Christmas morning when they drop through the letter box. The kids know to bring them right to me (and they're only slightly condescending as they inform me that my mag has arrived!)

I'm loving Scrap 365, it really has a lot of really different and interesting scrap ideas. That's not to say I don't still appreciate Scrapbooking magazine, it's good and solid and always a good read. But they really are the Vogue and Woman's Way of the scrap mag world...

I only bought Papercraft and Cardmaking Inspirations cause I wanted the free gifts. Sad. How easily I am persuaded!

And that Creativity magazine they gave to me free in the Arts and Hobby shop. I was delighted until I realised I had it already. Bah.

Anyway, I'm off to finish a Crafty Queen album!

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