Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's the craftiest time of the year :)

(Update: Welcome visitors from soapHousemama's LLL! This post shows pictures of my Christmas Cards this year. I was just soooo happy with them I just had to link up :)

Well, I'm getting worse at the old blogging, but it means that I am doing some actual crafting, rather than sitting down at the pc, so I suppose that's good! I've been quiet also as I've been unwell, and so have the kids. Nothing stops normal life in it's tracks quite so effectively as a tummy bug in a house full of children. But everyone is mostly recovered, so things are beginning to get back to normal. Except of course that Christmas has gone and crept up on us...

So, I've been frantically trying to finish up my Christmas cards. I had made up a batch of cards a few weeks ago, but I gave them to my Dad to sell in his shop (I'm not going to retire on the proceeds!) They were of a more traditional style. But I've been looking around Etsy a lot lately and it really inspired me to try something a little different. And so, with the help of a funky online app called 'scribbler' (you can google that and it'll bring you there) I created these cards below. I don't know if anyone who receives them will like them at all, but I do, so hopefully that counts for something!

(And apologies for the preview to those of you who read my blog and who will be receiving one of these cards in the post really soon.)



(Less embarrassed) Elf!

 Virgin and Child


There we go, they'll be put in the post in the next day or so (hopefully!) And I'm hoping I'll have some time over the holidays to update the blog with all that I've been doing.

Happy Christmas!
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