Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Afternoon delight...

I'm on a bit of a scrapping binge at the moment. It's always either feast or famine here with me. And I experienced the rarest of the rare today - daytime scrapping! The baba - aka The Enemy of Scrapbooking - decided she had actually worn herself out, and was going to sleep for four hours. Sure, I should have done the laundry (actually I tried, but the machine broke down) and perhaps I could have done some much needed gardening but, but, I wanted really to stick patterned paper to other patterned paper...

... and anyway, it's Tuesday and I hadn't finished my Shimelle's sketch of the week. This would be a very skinny blog if it wasn't for Shimelle...

Anyways - here's her sketch -

And here is my layout...

I had a complete disaster with some over eager application of glimmer mist, so when I was nearly finished I had to perform a partial scrapectomy and remove the whole middle section and adhere it to a new backing! Thankfully, I think I prefer what I ended up with... Mental note - do some practice with glimmer mists.

Anyway, back to the binge, am going to start my third layout of the day now. Its handy actually, I'm using up a lot of older pictures which I printed out with excitement, but am a little bored of now. I have banned myself from getting any new pics printed out until these ones are all done. I'll be uploading lots soon.

Till then!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Latte Layout

It's that time again -  Shimelle's Sketch of the Week

I'm not as happy with the result as I was last time, but at least it got me scrapping. And a rare one of myself. Not too many of them in my albums.

I'm really trying to get more scrapping done. The baby is six months old now, so there are no excuses. My challenge for this week is to finish at least one layout before Shimelle's next Sketch. Baby steps :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thanks Shimelle

I think the most mentioned word in my scrapping blog at the moment is 'Shimelle'! But I'm going to ad to it by saying, thanks Shimelle!

Thanks for picking my layout as one of your faves from the Sketch of the Week for last week. It made my day :) And so encouraged, I'm off to try this weeks one!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Shimelle's Sketch of the Week

I was inspired to do Shimelle's sketch of the week when I saw some of the layouts other people had produced. I haven't been doing much scrapbooking lately as the baby has sapped all my energy (- how is she going to feature in her own layouts if she keeps me so exhausted! - ) but it felt good to get down to some pretty papers :)

I just enjoyed myself thoroughly as I generally find this sort of layout difficult to do - but it's also the type of layout I want to do the most. So, thanks Shimelle!

Back Again

Okay, it's been a while. The photos are still rubbish. But hey, maybe if I keep posting I'll get the knack of taking good photos!

Hoping I've cracked the use of flowers on this layout! I'm never sure I get it right...

I enjoyed this layout in particular as I had fun making my little shed and wheel barrow embellishments :)

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