Saturday, April 28, 2012

Crafty Queens Album Finished!

It's finished!

It took me a week. Three or four hours each evening. Glue, ink, gesso, stamps, flowers, photos, photoshop, charms, paper. I was a woman obsessed. But here it is, last weeks Crafty Queens Prima album, completely finished!

I decided to do a collective baby book album. So, there are pics of all four of the kids as babies.

Cutie-pies :)

 First and last pages.

 This 'Charlie' page opens up so you see the below pages...

More opening up pages.

 And, for the pockets in the openy up pages, I made four little notebooks, one for each of the kids, so that I could record the ups and downs of their arrivals in this world (and there were plenty!)

Thanks Eve for the work shop. I had never gotten around to doing a baby book for any of my little monsters and now I have this record of all of them and I am totally delight with myself :)


  1. OMG that is just fabulous the papers are so right for babies lovely soft colours well done you

  2. Beautiful work Triona, well done for getting it finished, no wonder you're delighted with yourself, it's fab!

  3. Thanks for looking guys :) I keep going up to the album and flicking through it, delighted with it :)

  4. Hey Triona! Just found your blog thru the crafty queens page-you did an awesome job with your album, it's a beautiful keepsake :)

    I'm following along with your blog now too x

  5. Thanks Aideen! Eve is just brill, isn't she? :)

    I popped over to your blog, you've a lot of great work, I look forward to dropping in again :)


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