Sunday, May 6, 2012


So last week, amazingly baby was in bed during the day, and I said to myself, 'Feck the house work! I'm going to sit down and finish some layouts'.

It does rather undermine my 'oh, I've had such a tiring day' when hubby gets home from work when he sees three finished layouts on display - but hey, I'm willing to loose the high moral ground once in a while... especially if it means I get some scrapping done :)

So, below are the product of my illicit afternoon crafting. I started all three layouts at the last Crop Tarts meeting, but I just wasn't happy with any of them. But, by the time the little menace woke up and ruined all my fun, I was a much happier scrapper.

With this layout I got out the felt I had bought recently, and gave making a few of my own embellishments a go - Don't you love my font and candles ;) I am an artiste!

So, I reckon this layout isn't quite finished, I'd love to add some journaling. (Journaling along the lines of 'this was the only good photo I got of this christening, even though I was godmother, because my darling daughter had managed to have a wee wee accident at the back of the church' and other jolly japes!) And I reckon the place for the journaling is in white ink down the left side. But I worry I will ruin the whole thing. And once you do it, you can't go back. That the worse thing about scrapbooking, I have so many layouts that were great, then I added one more thing, and bah, destroyed the whole bloody page :(

So, if anyone thinks I should just go for it, let me know!

And speaking of pages that were ruined, here is one of the rare few that I was able to rescue. Like the others, this was started at the crop, but when I took it out to finished it, I just didn't like it. It just didn't work. So, I took a  radical step and I ripped the picture and a teensy bit of paper off the page I'd done and pretty much started again. And I love the page now. I was home-made embellishment crazy, and made the little camp fire for the layout. I was deeply impressed with myself :) So, this page also needs a bit of journaling to be totally finished, but I'm not quite as worried about it here. I'll probably either add it next to the picture or underneath it. Whichever maintains my visual triangle better.

And finally, a page I have no complaints about - it's practically perfect (in my eyes!) in every way. I don't use too much orange for some reason in my scrapping - nothing against it, I'm quite partial to orange in normal life - so this layout made a nice change. I 've got my hidden journaling, so no angst there, and I think this one will go straight into the album without too much extra thought.

An unusual collection of pages in so far as they're all boy pages. Seeing as I have two girls as well as the boys, it can get quite tempting to just do pretty pink flowery butterfly-y ribbony pages all the time. It's good to redress the balance.

I did come home with some cupcake and bunting ribbon last week though.

Prepare for pink.


  1. Great layouts, I need to do a christening one too.

  2. Great work Triona I think ithe first one looks fine with or without journaling I love your handmade embellishments yes you are an artiste and quite the comediene to boot! I would like to see a LO to go with the wee wee dilemma at the back of the church hee hee!

  3. Thanks Samantha :)

    Heya Pam - lol, I love the idea of a wee layout! Must see if there is a pic ;)


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