Saturday, June 9, 2012

Layouts Galore

Isn't that awful, a whole month since I last posted!

But I have wonderful excuses.

1) I've been too busy crafting to have time to put anything up on the blog


2) I've been away on my holidays.

I have about ten layouts to upload and two mini-books. (I told you I'd been busy.) But don't panic, I won't burn your retinas with a vast array of patterned papers - I'll just upload a few pages today and leave the mini-books for separate posts on their own.

And as for the holiday? Well, you can start thinking up your excuses now for why you don't want to look at 700 layouts from Tuscany...

So, to the layouts. First up are two completed layouts from The Scrapbook Store monthly workshop. This months class was taught by the phenomenally talented Maria Jordan-Lloyd (even her name sounds like she should have a scrapbooking range named after her :) I had to wait until I got home from Italy to finish them, the only downer about the holiday, but I am absolutely thrilled with them. The paper is Websters Pages - I really should know more of the details, but they escape me now.)

And the second two layouts are two I did today, at the CropTarts crop. As usual a brilliant day with brilliant ladies - and some sinful brownies and other assorted cake - scrapping fuel I calls it...

 Am trying to get to grips with mists with this layout, amn't sure I've totally got the hang of it, but getting there!

And this page. I've had that picture for years and never known quite how to scrap it. I was inspired to do the paint effect on the page from an article in Scrap365 magazine. A designer had gotten out her paints and let loose. I thought, why not!

So, that's all for today, I'm hoping for some good light to photograph those mini books, and if I finally get my grubby little hands on the My Mind's Eye Be Amazing paper, well, brace yourself for a whole lot of Tuscany.


  1. Awesome collection of layouts! great job xx

  2. Hi Triona, so glad you enjoyed the workshop and layouts! Your projects are fab - I love them! As for the name I am so sorry I ever kept my maiden name when I got married and took on a double barrel - nightmare! Not much can do now as it is official! As you know I think your lighthouse page should be published and urge you to submit it to Scrap365 and others!

  3. Thanks Samantha!

    Maria, the name is great, I love it! Consider being stuck with the dull Walsh or O'Malley which are my only two options :(( Dullsville! And thanks for the compliment on the layouts - I might well consider sending it off somewhere...hmmm..


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