Saturday, July 7, 2012

Which Scrapper Am I?

It's been scrapping crazy around here lately. I finally, amazingly, finally, finished organizing all my layouts. Every single page has been dated, journaled and filed. It's taken me months and months. Hours on the pc to find the dates of the pictures. Writing all those memories down. Completely redoing some rubbish pages. It took bloody ages, but I'm delighted to have everything finally in it's place. (And I've definitely learned to be a more diligent scrapper when it comes to the little things like dates etc..)

One thing I did notice though was I don't have a signature style. Some pages are very old school ie simple layering of pretty paper. Sometimes I go for the cluttered embellishment look. Sometimes something a little more arty. And I am influenced too much by my latest scrapping crush! (Latest is soaphousemama, she's brill!!)

So, what to do? Search for that special individual touch that makes my pages different, special to me? Or live with a mad mishmash of styles? I worry I'd get bored of doing 'the same thing' if I had a particular way of doing things (though all the designers I love, Shimelle, ScrappyJedi, soapHousemama, are very distinctive) but I don't really want to open my albums and see an incoherent riot of ideas.


Anyway, here are a few of my recent layouts, you'll see what I'm talking about...


 A plain and simple layout. Not too taxing, but pleasing enough :)

 A fussier effort

 Going for something a bit different with the repeated photos.

 It's all gesso and mists and heat embossing here

 Is that a hint of kraft I see?


KRAFT! And loads of journaling. Yet another look.

And this layout is a complete copy of soaphousemama's style. I do like it though :)


  1. You've been busy. Love all the layouts. Would you like to sort mine now?

  2. I would Orlaith! I would... I've become rather obsessed with sorting, cateloging, dating, file....


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