Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's all scrappy Go, Go, Go!

It really is Scrapbook crazy around here at the moment. Charlie is been driven crazy by my going on and on and on about all things scrapbooking. He's probably the only nine year old in Ireland who could tell you what a Thicker is. Or who Shimelle Laine is. But he's very good. He listens and tries his best not to look utterly bored :)

So, my latest layout was created at Annamarie crop in Whitehall last Thursday. There was a smallish turn out, but I have to say, it was lovely all the same. I wouldn't normally go when it's just a crop, rather than a workshop, but I was pleasantly surprised and will definitely go when it's just a crop again.

Here is the layout I created.

I was delighted with the violins and notes. I got out my CraftRobo which I hadn't used in ages. I always felt that I wasn't getting the most out of it and I was proved right when I stumbled across a feature which pretty much lets me grab any image I want from the web and turn it into an image I can cut out! Brilliant! Hence the violins and notes.

Once I cut out the violins I inked them and then embossed them using my new Papermania 'Urban Stamps'. And the same with the music notes. I am completely delighted with the result!

But my favourite bit of all perhaps are the blue butterflies. I have been searching and searching for the perfect butterfly punch and couldn't find it anywhere. I finally found what I was looking for - I was very fussy, no cut outs, no frilly bits, just a plain simple butterfly! - but the stamp I found was by a very well known and popular scrapbook product producer. Quite expensive. 
But with my new skill with the Craft Robo, I was able to create my own! And I was able to resize the image and make big ones! And medium ones! The world is my oyster :)

Can't wait to get more cutting done :)


  1. Great work well done! You are so quick getting this layout up on your blog!

  2. I've been stuck in the house all day with a very cranky baby - I needed to do something to save my sanity :)


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