Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Creative Endeavours

I don't need much excuse to bake, so I decided this year to bake fresh gingerbread cookies for the children's teachers, as Christmas gifts. As a friend said to me - 'They're a couple of quid in the shop!' She was quite right, but I really really wanted the teachers to know what a wonderful domestic goddess I am :) Unfortunately, no batch of cookies tasted quite as delicious as the first, test batch, that I did. I guess I'll have to wait until next year to show off at school!

Here are that first yummy batch -

I completely forgot to take a pic of the finished jars of cookies, adorned with Christmasy ribbons and tags. It's a shame, because even if they ended up not tasting that great, that at least looked well :)

Also on the agenda were some pressies. I bought a pack of 2012 little calendary thingys (do they have a name??) and I didn't realise that there were loads of them! So, everyone's been getting calendars for Christmas. These two I did as cards, killing two birds with one stone :)


  1. Love these calendars - a great idea to use up scrap pieces!

  2. It is great for using up the scraps alright, I did it last year too. That said, with the amount of scraps I generate, I'd need to be doing about 50 calendars to use them all :)


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