Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Busy, Busy!

Hubby is watching 'The Fast and the Furious 5' next to me here. Yes, 5. At times like these, one needs to scrap.

Or, more specifically in this case, do my scrapping admin.

I'm just awful at keeping on top of the less fun aspects of scrapping. The tidying. The checking of dates for my layouts. It's a bit of a trudge. And throw into the mix that I've finally got my new American Crafts D ring binders, with extra refills, and I have to reorganise every single layout from every single album I have! Bah. And all the new layouts that had been piling up waiting for the new albums. It's a lot of work.

Don't get me wrong, I love a bit of organising. But having to sort through the hundreds of layouts I've made since I started scrapping about four years ago is daunting. 
Some, but not all of my layouts and some albums! Sorted into years, but not into the new albums yet.
And then of course, as I mention in the previous post, I have a tendency to not write my journaling until the page goes into the album. This means I have about one hundred layouts to journal. I suspect I'll get very good at the snappy one liners...

But it is all essential to the process. There is no point recording your family history if no one could make head nor tail of it.

There is more though... I'm never one to make things easy. 
My 160 photos arrived from Snapfish! And of course I had decided to revamp my photo storage as well just before I ordered the new photos, so my head is even more wreaked!! Why do these all at the same time?? Well, the answer is simple really, I've been doing all these because my scrapping room/albums/supplies had gotten a little out of control and when they're out of control, I can't scrap. And that's bad :(

Unfortunately there was a problem with a good lot of the photos. They were way over saturated. Everyone looked like they had sunburn. Full marks to Snapfish and they got back to me within the hour of my email complaint and restocked my account with free credits. I spent some time today re uploading the pictures and sending them off again. Fingers crossed they'll come back good this time.

And maybe by the time they arrive I'll be far enough along with my admin that I can do some scrapping with them :)


  1. Is this your craft room! Looks so organised!

  2. Oh Maria, I wish it was! My scrap room is undergoing a major overhaul at the moment - a painfully slow one :( - so I have had to decamp to the kitchen which isn't good :( But I've been taking pictures of the transformation, so when it's finished I plan a a major blog post and a double page spread :)


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