Monday, February 6, 2012

Thousands of Thickers!

My Thickers arrived! Oh such simple things that bring so much joy :)

Of course I was in a mad rush when the postman arrived this morning, so I wasn't able to open the box when it arrived. But, fast forward a few hours and I was back home and I got to rip it all open :) I was terrified for a moment when I spotted a dinge on the bottom of the box and I was worried some of them might be damaged. But, no, upon examination they had avoided coming to harm. Phew!

Sixteen packets of Thickers. As I think I mentioned in a previous post, are having a sale due to fire damage at their shop. 65% off everything. That is pretty darn good. And I can tell you my Thickers are perfect and not a hint of smoke nor sign of any singeing :) Unfortunately they charge quite (very!) high postage and packaging, but even with that I got these letters for half the price I'd get them here. And anyone who knows me knows I have a deep and abiding love for Thickers, so it is a good day in my house today :)

I had a very scrappy morning in general. I was enjoying breakfast out with my aunt as I usually do on a Monday morning, but we went storage hunting afterwards. I have spent the last two weeks working on my scrap room. Well, I say 'room' but I only really have the corner of the study rather than the whole room. But I am making the most of the space. I've been gradually working on an overhaul of the area since I bought a new desk last year. Bit by bit I've been picking up the storage I need. Hubby put up the last remaining shelves yesterday and I've finished sorting the paper and labeling all the boxes.

But I realised last night there was one more job that I just needed to do. I had been resisting. I need to sort my embellishments by colour. I just have too many and it is becoming unwieldy to go through everything I have looking for suitable embellishments every time I do a page.

So, reds, oranges, pinks, purples and neutrals have been sorted into one box. Yellows, greens and blues into another. Silvers, golds, whites and blacks into one more. Lots of work involved. But I haven't touched the flowers and buttons and brads. They need to be sorted by colour too. And I needed storage for them. That was what I was looking for this morning. I bought a few jars and boxes, and we'll see if they work.

But, I'm not posting any pics until it's all done...I'm looking forward to the great scraproom reveal :)


  1. I'm jealous of yourThickers. You'll have to post your storage solutions. I really need help with mine.

  2. It really is an embarressment of Thickers :)

    Planning epic posts on my storage journey! Annyoingly I've given myself a bad neck again from all the hard sorting work (What would a real days hard work do to me???)

  3. When you are finished sorting your room you can come and do mine. I need to do a big clean and sort but I know once I start it will take ages and once its done I won't be able to find anything, at least now I have a fair idea where everything is even though it is a mess!

  4. Pam, this is my great fear - I'll finish my great big tidy/reorganise and then discover nothing works and I'll have to redo it all!


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