Friday, August 24, 2012

Keep Calm and Scrapbook

Title : 'This is the feelings part'

And now for more Art Journaling... the experiment continues! It dawned on me that the art journaling could be a good way to use up scraps and embellishments I wasn't using, but liked too much to get rid of. (I probably should have realised this before now??) Below are my latest effort...

page 1

page 2

And last, but very much not least, my lovely eldest child sat down with me last night to do a bit of crafting. He's far more talented than me artistically and very sure about what he's doing. So much so that we ended up having a little row over where he should be placing his various elements. Fair play to him, he stood his ground and (begrudgingly) I have to admit he was right! So, here is the result of his efforts. All thought up and designed and produced by him completely. I've been instructed to pin it to Pinterest :)

Alright. I'm off to cook the dinner now - sadly the hungry hordes won't feed themselves...


  1. Well done . Love all the painting your doing lately will havfe to give it a try. Well maybe you can give me some tips first.

  2. Thanks guys :)

    Orlaith, yes, lots and lots of painting going on - I have a few more paint extraveganzas coming up soon :)

    Tips? Wear an apron and just let loose ;)

  3. Love your page and work of your little one is stunning be proud of him


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