Thursday, October 11, 2012

Layout Love Linky

Kids are settled back into school (finally), all extra-curricular activities are up and running. And I've just about re-adjusted. The blog has been quiet, but I have been grabbing some scrapping time here and there. There just hasn't been enough time to post it!

So, to show off everything I've been up to I've decided to link up SoapHousemama's Layout Love Linky. What is SoapHousemama's Layout Love Linky? The idea is that you write a post featuring layouts that you might have done over the month, but not posted on your blog. (Or, you can also linky up with a project you are particularly proud off.)

In my case, seeing as I haven't blogged in over a month I've a lot to show! But there is a slight caveat - I haven't journaled on all of the layouts I'm going to put up. And a layout really isn't finished, holistically, if you will, without it's journaling as far as I'm concerned. But, the way I scrapbook - I do buckets of layouts, and then journal for a few weeks - means if I waited till I journaled, you'd be waiting a while for anything!

And lastly, some of these layouts are from 'Project Scrap!!' What is 'Project Scrap!!'? It is my own invention. I discovered I'd printed out about 500 million photos. Squillions. So, I decided if I was ever going to get even faintly close to being up to date, then I needed clear this backlog. This means I set myself a target of doing four layouts at a time. As a consequence some of them are a lot simpler than I would normally go for. But maybe that isn't a bad thing...

But enough chat, here are the layouts!




  1. These are all fabulous! I love your use of paint and the patterns on the ciao layout are yummy! Thanks so much for linking up with me this month!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Ashli :) Thanks for Layout Love linky for that matter! Honestly I can't take complete credit for the 'Ciao' layout (the paper was wonderfully busy before I got to it :) but I have a few more layouts that I forgot to upload that I reckon would gain the purplemailbox seal of approval :) They'll be up soon enough...

  3. Wow love each and everyone of these layouts sorry took me so long to comment. only just realised you had new post up for some reason did not come up in google reader list :-(


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