Thursday, August 16, 2012

Double Trouble

I love printing out pictures. I get excited and imagine all the layouts I'm going to do. But of course I print out too many. So I always have a squillion waiting to be done. Recently though, I've been doing a bit better. Below are five layouts, all of pictures actually taken this year! And printed out in the last month! In fact a number of photos were taken in the last couple of weeks. I've never managed such a short turn around time :)

That said, I shouldn't get too excited, there is still about a decades worth of photo's to catch up with!

So, to the layouts - a couple of double page layouts and a lonely singleton.


  1. Wow all these layouts are amazing and creative!!! I am still too scared to break out the paint onto my layouts. Love how you made a background scene and wrote your journalling in the blue sky!! I have folder and folders of photos on my computer and pint them as I need them but then there is alot of times ill miss place the file and dont end up scrapping so might have to take leave from your book and print them straight away. xxx TFS XX

  2. Sam, go on! Break out the paints! It's so much fun. Messy, but fun! You'll be surprised how much you'll enjoy it - I can't believe it, but I've been ignoring my beloved patterned paper in favour of my kraft paper and acrylic paints :)


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