Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I wasn't sure when I saw Shimelle's sketch this week - it's a lovely simple layout, but I wondered if this simplicity would make it hard to create my own original interpretation. Yes, these are the things that keep me awake at night. Forget the recession and banking crisis it is scrapping dilemmas that get me worked up!

Anyway, after staring at her layout for an age, I finally had inspiration :)

Shimelle's Sketch and her layout

I felt that the placement of the orange paper on her layout reminded me of a pinwheel/windmill. Once I had this I was off! I know it's cheating a little to get my inspiration from her layout, rather than from the sketch itself. But hey, the scrapping police might just let me off with a caution this time...

So, here we are...

Am I allowed use the Americanism of 'bangs' instead of fringe? Sounds a lot better for my title!

Some close ups - 


  1. What a great take on the sketch! Love the bright colours on the kraft background too

  2. Thanks guys for the visit and comments :) I have to say, I loved doing this layout.

  3. found you on shimelle's page. Love your take. Enjoy seeing what everyone around the world is doing. (I live in Hawaii.) aloha;)

  4. This is awesome!! I absolutely LOVE the design, what a magnificent job!! <3

  5. Aloha Glee! (Can I call you Glee? :) Hawaii, you lucky thing. I bet the sun is shining over there, it certainly isn't here! Thanks for visiting my blog, delighted you liked the layout!

    Amy - I'm blushing :)) I really appreciate the compliments! thanks for dropping by.


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