Saturday, July 2, 2011

Layout Crazy...

Well I've been in the zone. I got my glue. I got my photos. I got my pretty paper. And amazingly, I've got a bit of time.

And it's great what you can come up with when you ban yourself from printing out any new photo's till you use all the ones you have already. The 'Casino' layout below uses some photo's that I really wasn't crazy about (don't ask me why I printed them). But I'm delighted with the finished product. Wouldn't have happened if I hadn't made myself use them.

The other layouts use photos I love, but tomorrow I'll be posting my Shimelle Sketch of the Week layout, and that uses pics that I had in desperation printed out for a workshop crop. Once they were printed I wasn't that delighted with them and ended up never using them. But, just like the 'Casino' layout, having trimmed and snipped them, I actually quite pleased!

So, here we are...

The pics really weren't up to much, but I really like them in the layout

Completely delighted with how the 'bricks' came out.

Ru and Nanny

I just love this Basic Grey Sugar Rush paper.
Waga Baba
Drat. Spelling mistake in my journaling. Anyone got any tips how make it better?

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